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When you’re putting together an outdoor event, there are many things to take into account. With the fluctuating weather, changing temperatures, and even the overall ambiance that you’re looking to have on your special day, a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing canopy is the perfect addition to your party décor. At High Peak Tent Rentals, we have the largest selection of tents and canopies to rent in Carlisle.

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Choose from Framed, Gable Ended & Pole Tent

  • POLE TENTS: As one of the most popular style of tents, this is a great choice for many types of events. A pole tent is a tension structure, which means it is pulled, held tightened and supported by its center and side poles and then is secured with straps and stakes. This style is sought after because of its "high peaks," which create a spacious and wide-open feel to any event.
  • FRAME TENTS: Frame tents uses a system of aluminum poles (much like in a house), to create a structure that Vinyl is stretch over. The frame tents are free standing, they must be secured with stakes or weights. This style of tent can be set up very close to buildings and can even be connected to other tents. This type is perfect for where stacks are onto ideal (on patios or concrete). Since there are no interior poles, this type of tent gives you the most freedom when planning your event.
  • Gable End Frame Tent slopes inward on two sides, and the other two sides have a wall with a triangle shape at the top.
  • Hip End Frame tent all four side slopes.

Also Serving Hershey and Harrisburg

No matter if you need one large tent or several smaller tents, our rentals at High Peak Tent Rentals always come out on top. We have proudly served Harrisburg, Hershey, Carlisle, Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Shippensburg, Gettysburg, Chambersburg and Perry for over 13 years and look forward to finding the perfect setup for your next celebration. To find out more about our rental heaters and tents, call our friendly staff at (717) 258-8006.